Hank Freid Impulsive Charters Review

For my first post, I will review one of my favorite yacht trip companies, Impulsive Charters. I’ve been yacht tripping with my wife for years and Hank Freid’s company is hands down the best.

In fact, Hank Freid‘s line of yachts has been featured in a TV show called “Things to Try”.

The reason I have been traveling with Impulsive for 5+ years is for several reasons. One, I love luxury. There is no other yacht charter company in the world that provides an experience like Impulsive charters. The second I step on a Hank Freid boat to the second I step off, I feel like royalty. Another reason is because of how helpful the crew is. They were willing to provide any accommodation for me, within reason.

If you enjoy luxury, I highly recommend Hank Freid‘s Impulsive Charters company (this link is to his Google+ in case you want to learn more about him!). Also, here’s a link to Hank Freid‘s Pinterest if you want to see some pictures of his yacht.For my next review, I will write about Yeah Right Charters.


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