Importance of Design for hotels

Although this blog is focused on yachts and reviews, I am thinking of expanding the blog to cover luxury hotels as well. I have a few years within the hotel industry, and I must say I have seen some terribly designed hotels as well as beautifully designed ones. Design is a huge part of building a hotel that can really make or break a guest’s experience. Check out this article that explains the importance of design for hotels.


Yeah Right Charters

I love to fish. When looking for a deep sea fishing charter, I came across Yeah Right Charters located in North Carolina.

Firstly, Yeah Right Charters can accomodate fishers of any level – their boats come fully stocked with equipment including fishing licenses, so you don’t need one! Also, the crew is extremely knowledgeable and know of all the prime fishing spots. When I went on my trip, I caught a fish within 10 minutes of getting to the fishing destination.

They also have a fish cleaning service onboard, in case you want to take your catch home. Yeah Right is so accommodating that if your trip were to get cut short due to unfortunate weather, you would only be charged for a portion of the day’s trip.

As great of a company Yeah Right is, it’s facilities are rather bare. Of course, this was no problem for me at the time because all I wanted to do was fish, but if you’re looking for something more, you should consider a more “relaxation-oriented” charter company.

Hank Freid Impulsive Charters Review

For my first post, I will review one of my favorite yacht trip companies, Impulsive Charters. I’ve been yacht tripping with my wife for years and Hank Freid’s company is hands down the best.

In fact, Hank Freid‘s line of yachts has been featured in a TV show called “Things to Try”.

The reason I have been traveling with Impulsive for 5+ years is for several reasons. One, I love luxury. There is no other yacht charter company in the world that provides an experience like Impulsive charters. The second I step on a Hank Freid boat to the second I step off, I feel like royalty. Another reason is because of how helpful the crew is. They were willing to provide any accommodation for me, within reason.

If you enjoy luxury, I highly recommend Hank Freid‘s Impulsive Charters company (this link is to his Google+ in case you want to learn more about him!). Also, here’s a link to Hank Freid‘s Pinterest if you want to see some pictures of his yacht.For my next review, I will write about Yeah Right Charters.